Personal 3D Printer.


S100 series offer solid, consistent and accurate printing without compromise yet affordable.


Turn your imagination into a physical model.



S100 series brief specifications:




build volume:


print resolution:

heated chamber:




Fused deposition modeling (FDM)

100(W) x 100(D) x 100(H) mm


100µm (S100); 200µm (S100i)


With (only for S100)

With (only for S100)


S100 & S100i bundled accessories:

An SD Card (only for S100)

An USB Cable (only for S100i)

A glue stick

Palette Knife

A 1.0kg spool PLA

12 months warranty + 6 Months (register online)

Lifetime support





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Color your life

S100 inherits printing technology from its bigger siblings. It prints fast and accurate.


S100 also comes with LCD that displays the printing parameters. It also comes with an SD-slot.


S100 is designed and engineered to extreme precision.



Now Everyone Can 3D Prints

S100i is the most affordable in the ForceMaker's S-series range. S100i is a personal 3D printer that is made for everyone.


At ForceMaker we believe all ideas are great ideas. We hope our printer can turn your fantasy into reality.

Persistence and determination are keys to success.


S100i builds 100mm3 with rock-solid printing quality. With precise-engineered components the S100i provides consistent, accurate and fine printing.



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