The Company


At ForceMaker we keep things easy and simple.


We from a group of experienced and energetic engineers that love to evolve things around us. We bring ideas to life and imagination to reality. We keep pushing and challenging our limit.


3D printing is the next big thing. It changes how things being designed, assembled and built. With it you could build your imagination without limit. It is a tools that inspire and transform your dream to the next level.


At ForceMaker we want everyone to experience this groundbreaking technology with our precise- and accurate-engineered parts yet affordable printers. We do not compromise built-quality even for our entry level models.


We trust everything we build. We committed to our customers.

Mold, Tooling, Die Casting and Plastic Injection Facilities

We have more than 30 years in mold and tooling fabrication experience.

Our customers comprise of both local an international companies.

   Get to us directly: +6012-318 0886



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